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The Healthy Vendor Program connects Health Links™ Certified Businesses with local and national organizations providing the absolute best health and safety services. Health Links Preferred Vendors are thoroughly vetted and selected for quality, reliability and evidence base for the services they provide.

Benefits of Becoming a Healthy Vendor

The Healthy Vendor Program provides the perfect platform for vendors to advertise directly to employers through the Health Links Resource Center. Approved vendors receive marketing and promotion services through:

  • Our Healthy Business Network: A group of over 300 businesses who have taken the Health Links Assessment and are actively engaged in our community.
  • The Health Links website and social media platform: Each Preferred Vendor get an individual detailed listing page on the Health Links Resource Center, geocoded into our local recourse map, and advertised through our Facebook pages.
  • Client referrals: Our Health Links Network engages directly with Trained Community Advisors who actively work to connect businesses to the health and safety vendor resources they need.

 Other advertising opportunities include:

  • Access to Health Links Annual Report
  • Annual report on advertising reach (website visits, social media impressions)
  • Opportunity to be highlighted in monthly newsletters
  • Opportunity to present a Health Links webinar



Each Healthy Vendor must adhere to the following criteria:

  • Services offered aim to improve the health, safety and well-being of individuals. NOTE: retailers, pharmaceutical reps, distributors, etc. who apply for the Healthy Vendor Program will not be approved for a listing on the Health Links Resource Center. 
  • Vendors who apply must show proof of a quality customer experience and evidence that services are beneficial to organizations and employees. NOTE: During the application process, vendors will be required to upload evidence supporting the quality, reliability and evidence-base of their services. These could be in the form of client reviews, testimonials, case studies, white papers, publications, accreditation, etc.
  • Health coaches and providers must provide their credentials along with a list of services offered. NOTE: The application will include a section to upload a resume and list out all up-to-date credentials. Clinics do not need to supply credentials for all providers.

We support healthy retailers nationwide, but we do not list product-based retailers including grocery stores, supplement distributors or restaurants on our Resource Center. Finally, we do not list vendors or services that could potentially cause undue harm.

Healthy Vendor Categories & Services

Healthy Vendors who are selected for our Resource Center must align with at least one of the following categories and services associated with the Health Links Standard. 


  • Clinical Provider/Practice
  • Fitness Center/Trainer
  • Health Educator/Coach
  • Holistic or Integrated Health & Wellness Practitioner
  • Community Resource
  • Insurance / Benefits
  • Occupational Safety    


  • Behavioral Counseling
  • Education & Training
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Family-Friendly Resources
  • Fitness Training
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Healthy Food Vendors
  • Health Screenings
  • Mental Health Services
  • Occupational Medicine
  • Safety Consulting/Resources
  • Stress Management Resources

Pricing Structure

Many of our Health Links Certified Businesses, who are part of the Healthy Business Network, are also approved Healthy Vendors.  However, being certified is not a requirement to become a Healthy Vendor.  The below pricing show options for non-certified businesses as well as discounted rates for certified businesses.  NOTE: A certified business is an organization that has taken the Health Links Assessment and been awarded a level of certification based on their commitment to health promotion and safety.

  • Annual Listing = $115 non-certified businesses/$95 for Health Links certified businesses
  • Annual Listing plus 2 or more additional location or site listings = $189 non-certified businesses/$169 for Health Links certified businesses
  • 2-year Listing = $195 non-certified businesses/$155 for Health Links certified businesses
  • 2-year Listing plus 2 or more additional location or site listings = $349 non-certified businesses/$279 for Health Links certified businesses

Expected timeline for approved Healthy Vendors

With in 5 – 10 business days of receiving Healthy Vendor approval, the following steps will take place. 

  • Detailed business listing will be posted on the Resource Center and business location/s will be geocode on the resource map
  • Health Links Team will send vendor spotlight questions in confirmation email to add to monthly newsletter.
  • Health Links Team will schedule a post highlighting new vendor on both the website and Facebook 
  • Vendor will be notified of posting and encouraged to cross-promote on social media sites
  • Vendors will be added to MailChimp listserv to receive news & updates from Health Links directly after approval for the Healthy Vendor Program
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